Individual Instruction

Female student playing celloOur teachers are passionate, community-minded educators who prioritize student-centred learning and engage in regular professional development.

Our team of teachers includes faculty members and sessional instructors from Brandon University’s School of Music, experienced private music teachers from Brandon and surrounding communities, and current undergraduate and graduate music students.

Interested in beginning one-on-one lessons? Contact the Conservatory Director to learn more about our teachers and find the right match for you and your family.

Fees listed below are for a 30-minute lesson.

Instrumental Studies


Prof. Marika Galea School of Music Faculty $40.00
Janina Macalalad BU Student $20.00


Allison Warrian STEP Instructor $31.00
Dr. Leanne Zacharias School of Music Faculty $30.00 (Conservatory)
$40.00 (University)


Hwan Gyu Cho $25.00
Dr. Catherine Wood School of Music Faculty $30.00


Caitlin Baker BU Student $20.00
Genista Buhler STEP Instructor $23.50
Kelly Gray STEP Instructor $30.00


Jeremy Allen BU Student $20.00
Robert Ford   $31.50
Nancy Hennen School of Music Instructor $30.00
Diane Lee BU Student $20.00

French Horn

Colleen Hallett BU Student $20.00


Emmanuel Bach BU Student $20.00
Paul Madryga School of Music Instructor
STEP Instructor


Abby Petersen BU Student $20.00


Graydon Cramer $26.00
Jacob Jubinville BU Student $20.00
Prof. Eric Platz School of Music Faculty $35.00 (Conservatory)
$45.00 (University)
Esteban Seunarine BU Student $20.00


Maureen Baird $26.00
Wing Chow $25.00
Kara Dixon $26.00
Carter Graham School of Music Instructor $35.00
Danielle Guina $24.00 (Brandon)
$26.00 (Killarney)
Max Hamilton BU Student $20.00
Everett Hopfner Conservatory Director
School of Music Instructor
Alison McNeill-Hordern $24.50
Prof. Megumi Masaki School of Music Faculty $50.00
Lara Mason $26.00
Shantelle Mayo $23.50 (Brandon)
$32.00 (Deloraine)
Ian Mustard BU Graduate Student $22.00
David Naylor $22.00
Andrea Neufeld $28.00
Dianna Neufeld STEP Instructor $27.00
Azaria Neuschwander BU Student $20.00
Wanting Ren   $25.00
Sharon Rogers School of Music Instructor $26.00
Prof. Alexander Tselyakov School of Music Faculty $50.00
Alla Turbanova School of Music Instructor $28.00
Reanne Vanden Brink BU Graduate Student $22.00
Qiuhan Wang $23.00


Jeremy Allen BU Student $20.00
Prof. Greg Gatien Dean, School of Music
Dr. Wendy McCallum School of Music Faculty $30.00
Aren Teerhuis School of Music Instructor $25.00
Avery Walker BU Student $20.00

Trombone and Low Brass

Dr. Aaron Wilson  School of Music Faculty $32.50


Dr. Edward Bach  School of Music Faculty $32.50
Dylan Pilcher BU Student $20.00


    Robert Richardson, Jr. School of Music Instructor
    STEP Instructor


    Genista Buhler STEP Instructor $23.50
    Amanda Contreras School of Music Instructor $30.00
    Prof. Kerry DuWors School of Music Faculty $37.50
    Kelly Gray STEP Instructor $30.00
    Zifan (Ivan) Li   $22.50
    Paulo Pallas STEP Instructor $30.00
    Robert Richardon, Jr. School of Music Instructor
    STEP Instructor
    Marla Winters STEP Director $28.50 (Brandon)
    $30.00 (Boissevain)
    $30.00 (Holland)

    Vocal Studies

    Naomi Forman School of Music Instructor $30.00 (Conservatory)
    $35.00 (University)
    Danielle Guina $24.00 (Brandon)
    $26.00 (Killarney)
    Yuhan Liu $20.00
    Koda Maxon BU Graduate Student $20.00
    Josephine Moellenbeck $23.00
    Angela Myshkowsky $20.00
    Azaria Neuschwander BU Student $20.00
    Prof. Sarah Hall School of Music Faculty $35.00 (Conservatory)
    $45.00 (University)
    Sharon Rogers School of Music Instructor $26.00
    Marjorie Sparks  School of Music Instructor $32.50


    Music Theory and History

    Jeremy Allen BU Student $20.00
    Danielle Guina $23.00
    Ian Mustard BU Graduate Student $22.00
    Dr. Gretta Sayers School of Music Faculty $30.00