Conservatory of Music

Online Theory

What it is

The online music theory rudiments course is designed for incoming BU music students to prepare them for first-year university studies in music theory and analysis. The course will cover the basic fundamentals of music theory rudiments including notation, accidentals, scales, meter, intervals, triads, cadences, transposing, and select score study. It is also augmented with preparatory material appropriate for university studies.

How it works

There are several steps to follow as you work through the course.
First you watch the instructive video(s) for each module, taking notes and reviewing the videos as many times as you need.
Then you complete workbook assignments based on the module topic and email the completed work to me as a PDF one module or one lesson at a time. I will correct your work and send it back to you to review.
Once you’ve reviewed your work and my comments, we schedule a lesson via Skype or in person to go over the material and clear up any questions or problems for that module.
After each module you will also have to demonstrate sufficient retention and reiteration of the lesson content through a timed quiz.
Online materials will be available through BU’s Moodle site and you will have to purchase a Rudiments workbook, either Mark Sarnecki’s The Complete Elementary Music Rudiments or Glory St. Germain’s Complete Rudiments Ultimate Music Theory.

The Modules

There are seven modules:
1) basics of musical notation
2) accidentals, semitones, whole tones
3) major and minor keys, scales (with two bonus videos)
4) time and meter
5) intervals (with two bonus videos)
6) triads and seventh chords (with one bonus video)
7) transposition, transposing instruments, and scores

The Benefits

You have the flexibility to work through the material at your own pace spending as much or as little time on a topic as you need!
NOTE: a minimum of 3 weeks is recommended to complete the course, more if students are engaged with other activities at the same time.

Options for Enrollment and Fees

This course is offered through the Conservatory so you will need to register and pay through the Conservatory (not BU). When you are ready to register call Joyce at (204) 727-9631 with your payment information and which level you’d like to enroll in. There are three options to choose from based on how much lesson time you need and how much information you need to cover.

1. Level 1: the full course with 7 hours of lesson time with me (1 hour per module), for $500 with half price registration fee of $35
2. Level 2: the full course with 3.5 hours of lesson time with me (30 minutes per module), for $275 with $25 registration fee
3. Level 3: only the individual module(s) that you need and 30 minutes of lesson time with me for each module, for $75/module with $10 registration fee/module

*The course fee and registration fee must be paid in full upfront before gaining access to the videos and course content.

For further information please contact me at: