Acknowledgments & References


Thank you to Yan Cong, Tourism Manitoba for providing tourism statistics for Southwest Manitoba; Lois MacDonald, Riverbend Discovery Centre for insight into Brandon spending patterns; the Faculties and Facilities at Brandon University and Eleni Galatsanou early in the project.

Thank you to Research Team:

  • Deb Berkan, Director, Institutional Data & Analysis
  • Dr. Heather Duncan, Vice President (Research)
  • Dr. Gervan Fearon, President
  • Geneviève Maltais Lapointe, Research Analyst, Institutional Data & Analysis
  • Scott Lamont, Vice-President (Administration & Finance)
  • Dr. Kim Lemky, Project Manager
  • Heather Macdonald, Associate Vice-President, (Office of Advancement and External Relations)
  • Dr. Steven Robinson, Vice-President (Academic & Provost)


The financial data and information used in this study are publicly available from the Brandon University Institutional Data Fact Book and through Tourism Manitoba.


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