Sudmant Method Results

The Sudmant method is one of the standard economic analyses for universities in Canada. It estimates direct, indirect and induced value that Brandon University is responsible for generating. This includes institutional spending, student spending, visitor spending, graduate/alumni impact and research impact on the economy.

Total Economic Impact

The economic impact of Brandon University on the regional economy of Manitoba is $417.1 million in 2014–15. This impact is yearly. Using the provincial annual operating grant of $37 million for the 2014–15 year, it implies that the value for money proposition for the province is excellent: Each dollar invested in Brandon University’s operating grant returns $11.30 in economic activity.

Table 1. Economic Impact of Brandon University in Manitoba

Impact Category Direct Indirect/Dynamic Total Economic Impact
University Operations 48.2 24.1 72.3
Capital Expenditure 1.4 0.7 2.1
Full-Time Students 23.9 12.0 35.9
Visitors 10.5 5.2 15.7
Alumni Premium 135.9 67.9 203.8
Research Impact [1] 87.3 87.3
Total Impact 219.9 197.2 417.1

Brandon University’s economic impact in Manitoba is estimated to be $417.1M for 2014/2015. This includes direct expenditures from operations, capital expenditures, students, visitors as well as its induced impacts through its alumni premium and research impact.

The impact to the Brandon area is estimated at $410.5M demonstrating impacts are concentrated within and most important to Brandon and Southwest Manitoba.

  1. Direct research expenditures are already included in the University operations spending category.