Student Theses

The following students completed English 30:459 Advanced Seminar in Creative Writing, a course of individual studies in one or more areas of creative writing. Students complete a creative thesis of at least 30 pages of poetry or 50 pages in other genres, and present their work at a defence. Below is the title of each student’s thesis and the year that he or she completed the course.



Daryl Ford. “Back to Longbow: A Metis Journey.”

Matt MacDonald. “Okafuado: A Historical Fantasy.”

Jordan Stepa. “Aspirations of Velirai: A Fantasy Novella.”

Matt Street. “Shadows of Tirald: A Fantasy Novella.”



Lindsay Kiesman. “The Ex-Rupert Hounds’ Mark: A Novel – Part I: Colour and Grace.”

Kirsty Cameron. “Language in The Looking Glass; Letters for Leonard from Virginia.”

Jackie Sinclair. “Tobacco Ties: A Poetry Collection.”

Jessica Popeski. “Big Sky and Sickle Moon.” (Poetry)



Amber Clemas. “Dark Bringers: The Fate of the Fallen – A Young Adult Fantasy Novella.”

Ryan Flannery. “Give Me Your Name.” (Poetry and Image)

Brittany Malfait. “Sweet Dreams and Dark Nights: A Collection of Ekphastic Poetry.”

Brandy Robertson. “Africa, My Dream, My Love: A Travel Memoir.”

Penny Shaw. “Jewels on the Manitoba Prairie: Two Essays.”

Taylor Sukut. “Snapshots: A Short Story Sequence.”



Johnson Apetagon. “I Always Have Soup: A Poetry Collection.”

Liz Boutette. “The Story I Told Myself: A Poetry Collection.”

Clint Maxwell. “The Milk Man’s Experiment: Two Short Stories.”



Ben Horne. “Magnificent: Volume One – A Graphic Novel.”

Nicisha Johnson. “Music and Lyrics: When It Reigns.” (Novella with poetry)

Brad Denbow. “The Way I’ll Remember It: A Novella.”



Kelly Meikle. “Dreamcatchers: A Play.”



David Kusnick. “Juxtapose: A Screenplay.”

Ripley Large. “A Picture of Charley: A Teen Novella.”

Nancy McLennan. “The Wartime House in Shaughnessy Heights: A Memoir with Poetry.”



Sean Braun. “Stained Glass.”

Scott Cooper. “Barbie is Out of Play: A Play.”

Claire Kirk-Cape. “Burnt Chocolates for Mister Mike.” (Poetry)

Alvean Lovatt.

Erica Lowe. “White Buffalo Kitten.” (Graphic Fiction)

Jillian Schettler. “You Learn: A Lyric Memoir.”

Donna Wallis. “Filling in the Blanks.”  (Memoir)



Robert Vincent Harris. “Politically In/Correct Language Of the Undomestic Indian.” (Poetry)


The Department of English and Creative Writing wishes to acknowledge the external readers from other departments or university areas who have graciously served on one or more of the thesis defence committees for the above students:

Prof. Kevin DeForest (Visual Arts)

Prof. James Forsythe (Drama)

Prof. Heather Gillander (Business Administration)

Prof. Steve Gouthro (Visual Arts)

Dr. Elizabeth Graham (Sociology)

Dr. Patti Harms (History & Gender & Women’s Studies)

Ms. Christy Henry (Archives)

Prof. Susan Medd (Religion)

Prof. Tom Mitchell (History)

Dr. Morris Mott (History)

Dr. Serena Petrella (Sociology)

Prof. Mark Rudoff (Music)

Dr. Henry Venema (Philosophy)

Dr. Laurelyn Whitt (Native Studies)

Dr. Jeff Williams (Mathematics and Computer Science)

Dr. David Winter (History and Gender & Women’s Studies)

Dr. Etsuko Yasui (Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies)

Prof. Lin Xu (Visual Arts) 


Dr. Di Brandt served as thesis advisor for the following students: Johnson Apetagon, Liz Boutette, Kirsty Cameron, Ryan Flannery, Robert Vincent Harris, Lindsay Kiesman, Claire Kirk-Cape, Alvean Lovatt, Clint Maxwell, Kelly Meikle, Jessica Popeski, Brandy Robertson, Jackie Sinclair, and Donna Wallis.

 Prof. Dale Lakevold served as thesis advisor for the following students: Sean Braun, Amber Clemas, Scott Cooper, Brad Denbow, Daryl Ford, Ben Horne, Nicisha Johnson, David Kusnick, Ripley Large, Erica Lowe, Matt MacDonald, Brittany Malfait, Nancy McLennan, Jillian Schettler, Penny Shaw, Jordan Stepa, Matt Street, and Taylor Sukut.