Research Accounting

Financial & Registration Services is responsible for all accounting functions for externally and internally funded research grants and contracts as well as special purpose accounts.

Externally funded accounts include those research awards received from Tri-Agency (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR), Provincial and other Federally funded projects, as well as industry sponsored contracts.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Administer Tri-Agency funds according to the Agreement on the Administration of Agency Grants and Awards by Research Institutions
  • Ensure University compliance with Tri-Agency guidelines relating to the release and management of funds according to the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide
  • Liaise with the Office of Research Services to ensure smooth management of research contracts.
  • Open research and/or special purpose account once all regulatory and contractual conditions have been met.
  • Create, initiate and manage any Tri-Agency sub-grant agreements between eligible institutions
  • Complete the annual Tri-Agency Form 300 financial reconciliation on behalf of the institution.
  • Withhold and withdraw approval of expenditures that contravene Tri-Agency’s requirements or the institution’s policies.
  • Assist researchers and grant holders with budgeting and management of research and special purpose funds.
  • Prepare financial summary for distribution to relative department heads.
  • Review and/or assist in the preparation of financial reports for external funding agents.
  • Manage the collection process of any research and/or special purpose accounts that may have become overspent.