Meal Plan

Soup and Sandwich

Change to BU 2020/2021 Meal Plan Structure

COVID-19 has made a significant impact to Brandon University operations. As a result of the pandemic, Food Services have postponed upcoming renovations to Harvest Hall and the creation of the Blue and Gold Café. With this, there will be no All-You-Care-To-Eat Food Program. Instead, Food Services will provide the Declining Balance Meal Plan. Participation in the food program is still mandatory for residence students.

With a Declining Balance Meal Plan, residents pay into a food account at the beginning of each term and use their meal card to purchase meals/snacks at Harvest Hall from this account. We strongly encourage all students with this meal plan to check their food account balance so that they have the ability to best budget their money. Food account balances may be obtained from Ancillary Services staff or the Dining Room cashiers.

There are 3 tiers to this Declining Balance Meal Plan:

BU Premium Meal Plan ($133.27 per week) – best suited for students who typically eat 3 meals a day

BU Value Meal Plan ($116.56 per week) – best suited for with a lighter appetite, that typically eat two meals a day and don’t often eat at Harvest Hall during weekends.

ACC Plan ($100.86 per week) – knowing that ACC students spend a majority of their day at ACC campus and don’t have as much opportunity to eat at our Harvest Hall, we provide a meal plan for these students.

Meal plan funds over and above the Value Plan amount are refundable at the end of the academic year. Food account balances may not be transferred to another student, nor may they be transferred from one academic year to the next.

Those who have applied for residence will have their selected meal plans default to the plan that is of closest value.

  • If you chose BU 7, you will be defaulted to the Premium Meal Plan
  • If you chose BU 5, you will be defaulted to the Value Meal Plan
  • If you chose ACC 7 or ACC 5, you will be defaulted to the ACC Meal Plan