Previous Homecomings

The weekend has passed, but our photo galleries capture the memories. Revisit every smile and laugh by enjoying images from Homecoming. Please feel free to download and print or share any photos that resonate with you. However, we ask that photos be printed or shared for personal use only.

Homecoming Galleries

Homecoming 2019

Celebrating the best years!

View the 2019 Gallery

Homecoming 2018

Cheers to BU! Celebrating our 50th anniversary at Homecoming!

View the 2018 Gallery

Homecoming 2017

Remember the laughs and smiles as we got together.

View the 2017 Gallery

Homecoming 2016

The memories live on, and the photos do too!

View the 2016 Gallery

Homecoming 2015

Friendships built in Brandon last forever.

View the 2015 Gallery

Homecoming 2014

There’s nothing warmer than a Homecoming smile.

View the 2014 Gallery

Homecoming 2013

Graduating classes will always have class.

View the 2013 Gallery

Homecoming 2012

Staying connected is worth the effort.

View the 2012 Gallery