Pulling Together: Manitoba Foundations Guide

This guide is an excellent resource for educators and for anyone who wants an introduction to the Indigenous Peoples in our area, as well as the history and effects of colonialism and steps that we can take to decolonize. It really has been the result of many people and groups working together. 

– Chris Lagimodiere, Director, Indigenous Peoples’ Centre and Aboriginal Initiatives at BU

About Pulling Together: Manitoba Foundations Guide

Elders, Knowledge Keepers, community members, and Indigenous organizations across Manitoba have ‘pulled together” to work alongside Assiniboine Community College, Brandon University, and Campus Manitoba to adapt the Pulling Together Foundations Guide for western Manitoba.

Originally created in British Columbia as part of a larger Indigenization project, the Pulling Together: Manitoba Foundations Guide (Brandon Edition) will provide a starting point for those who want to learn more about Indigenous Peoples in the Prairie region of Canada and those who wish to begin their journey of understanding Canada’s colonial legacy.

The Pulling Together: Manitoba Foundations Guide (Brandon edition) is an open educational resource that can be found at Pressbooks.OpenedMB.ca/pullingtogethermanitoba.

Learning Together at BU

The guide has been developed to support individuals in their learning journey; whether it be self-guided or as part of a broader learning community. Plans are underway to offer facilitated exploration of the guide to faculty and staff at different points throughout the year, over a six week period as part of a learning community cohort, with the first group coming together as early as October 2021.

Throughout each week, individuals will read through the sections and engage in related activities at their own pace, with the opportunity to come together as a group for broader reflection and discussion at the end of each section. Discussions will be led by local Knowledge Keepers and/or Elders.

Stay tuned for further details to be shared later in October!


Manitoba Foundations Group. (2021). Pulling Together: Manitoba Foundations Guide (Brandon Edition). Campus Manitoba. Retrieved from https://pressbooks.openedmb.ca/PullingTogetherManitoba