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The Teachings House is the vision for a gathering place for the sharing of knowledge and teachings for all nations – created for connection, relationship and community. It is a place for students, staff and community.  Initial events and conversations are a starting place that will help shape the Teachings House vision – inviting, including and involving many voices.

– Cree Knowledge Keeper, Susie McPherson-Derendy

Bringing Community Together.

The BU Teachings House brings community together to learn from one another, with initial teachings and circles led by local Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and Elders.

With different topics and teachings each month, members of the campus and broader community are invited to gather, listen and share.


BU Teachings House – Upcoming Gatherings

May 2023 – migizii mitik | Eagle Staff

Wil Mousseau, Anishanaabek visual artist from Ebb and Flow First Nation, will share insight around the significance of the Eagle staff, migizii mitik, that was handmade and presented to Brandon University for ceremonial occasions and celebrations earlier this year. The Eagle staff includes various natural elements that are meaningful to both the university and local Indigenous communities and will be part of this year’s Our Journey and convocation activities.

Breanne Taylor from Sioux Valley Dakota First Nation and recent BU alum, will also reflect on how she incorporated elements of her culture and identity into the day of convocation and why this was important to her.

Monday, May 29
1:30 – 3:00 p.m.
In-Person: He Oyate Tawapi Ceremony Room – Room 141, Health Studies Bldg



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Meeting ID: 493 382 9472

Refreshments provided!

A welcoming space to share and learn.

Inspired by the works of Indigenous scholars Verna Kirkness and Ray Barnhardt and discussions with local Knowledge Keepers and Elders, we will meet in a way that reflects the 4 Rs:

  • Respect – For the land we gather on and lessons it offers. For the teachings and traditions shared by Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and Elders. For the stories shared by all in attendance – both Indigenous and non-Indigenous guests.
  • Relevance – We reflect on the stories and personal experiences that are shared and consider how they relate to our own. In doing so, we build on and expand understanding of ourselves in relation to those around us and the world we live in.
  • Responsibility – We create and contribute to a space that honours Indigenous knowledges and cultures, celebrates the voices of young people, and brings people with diverse backgrounds and experiences together.
  • Reciprocity – We listen to and learn from the knowledge, stories and experiences of others, while also offering our own (give and take). In doing so, we cultivate mutually respectful relationships from which we all benefit.

The BU Teachings House is an initiative of the Indigenous Education Senate Sub-Committee.


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