Abstracts and Presentations

Thank you for your interest. Abstracts and Presentation outlines submission is now closed. 

Share your stories! We welcome presenters from the following:

  • Individuals (with family/friends) wishing to share their lived experiences with mental health.
  • Community organizations with programs relating to mental health.
  • Healthcare providers working or interested in mental health.
  • Academics engaged in research relating to mental health.
  • Students/trainees conducting research relating to mental health.

We aim to foster a space for productive knowledge sharing, and recognize the need for a meeting that explores the unique contexts, challenges, and place-specific solutions to mental health problems and addictions on the Canadian Prairies.

Presentation Format 

Three-Minute Thesis (3MT): a recorded oral presentation that is 3 minutes in length. Presentations can feature one static powerpoint slide and a brief description of the research at-hand in easy to understand language.

Detailed instructions on how to create and submit your 3MT will be provided to presenters via email. For more information please visit: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/internal/doctoralschool/researcherdev/threeminthesis/preparing3mt

Presentations will be made available for viewing for registrants closer to the conference. Keep an eye on your email for more details!