Mine Development and Exploration

  • Characterization of minerals
  • Early indicators of mineral recoveries
  • Assessment of diamond indicator minerals
  • Geometallurgical mapping of ore bodies

Mineral Processing and Metallurgy

  • Identification and measurement of mineral quantities and estimate of recoveries
  • Determination of mineral associations and liberation parameters
  • Material balances for liberated and unliberated minerals
  • Calculation of mineralogical grade-recovery curves
  • Mineralogical balances for precious minerals
  • Characterize metallurgical products from smelting, refining and hydrometallurgy

Mining and the Environment

  • Characterization of mine tailings, waste rock, slags, leach residues and sludges
  • Mineralogical balances for contaminants
  • Speciation and distribution of heavy metals
  • Quantification and distribution of acid generating and neutralizing minerals

Forensic Science/Anthropology

  • Gun shot residue analysis
  • Dental and bone imaging

Human Tooth with Perikymata “growth” indents by Suyoko Tsukamoto



Tomes’ process pits in Human Tooth. Part of amneoblast cell, which secrete dental enamel by Suyoko Tsukamoto

Material Removal

  • Asbestos identification
  • Analysis of filter materials

Failure Analysis

  • Imaging to determine causes of failure to prevent recurrence; often used in the electronics and automotive industries



  • Cellular imaging (i.e., ECOLI)
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