Compositional Analysis

Characteristic X-Ray Spectra

  • X-rays are generated when an electron is removed from an orbital shell falls back into the empty space and an X-ray photon is emitted
  • With the electron beam focused on a single point (spot scan), characteristic X-rays are produced from that spot
  • The EDS detector captures, counts, and displays these as X-ray spectra
  • The X-ray spectra acquired indicate elements that are present (composition)

INCA x-act X-ray Detector

xraydetectorINCAx-act LN2-free Analytical Silicon Drift Detector with PentaFET® Precision has six advantages:

  • The Speed of a Silicon Drift Detector (>500,000cps)
  • The Accuracy of the INCA Quant software
  • The Reliability of an INCA x-stream pulse processor
  • The Convenience of an LN2-free System
  • The Quality of Oxford Instruments Technology
  • The Precision of Oxford Instruments PentaFET┬« Technology
  • Guaranteed carbon resolution in accordance with ISO 15632:2002!
  • Stable, accurate results 10 times faster than conventional SDDs
  • Accurate quantitative & qualitative analysis you can trust
  • Superior light element detection at all count rates
  • Fast, simple, andeffective mapping without pile-up problems
  • Consistent signal output with increasing count rates

Composition: Point & ID

BSE image with quantitative point analysis and a corresponding EDS X-ray spectrum.


Composition: Elemental Mapping

Elemental mapping showing the relationship between vanadium with titanium and the inverse correlation of vanadium with calcium-bearing minerals.


Composition: Rare Phase Searches

Precious minerals are usually small and rare phases. The SEM can locate and identify precious minerals by automated searches.