Course Evaluation

Student feedback is important in ensuring that courses are meeting student needs and interests.  An online course evaluation is conducted at the end of each term.  The course evaluation includes questions about the quality of: instruction; interaction; assessment and feedback; course content; and course organization and design.  Space is also provided for comments on course strengths and areas for improvement.

Participation in this course evaluation is voluntary and anonymous. No identifying information is collected. Ratings are aggregated and comments are compiled by the software so that individual students cannot be identified.  The ratings and comments are provided to the course professor for review.  Ratings are made available to the Dean of Health Studies.

The evaluation will be conducted at the end of each term.  During the last week of class for the term, students will be provided with a link to the evaluation for each of their courses, and the password for each course.  Please take a minute to provide your evaluation so that instructors will know what is working well and where they can improve their courses.