Practicum Placement – Name Tags

Each practicum placement will have different requirements for identification.  Some placements may require an institutional name tag, some may require a Brandon University photo ID, and still others will require a name and role only.  When arranging your practicum, inquire about requirements for identification.

  • If the organization requires an organization-specific ID then the organization will have a plan for obtaining the ID.
  • If a Brandon University photo ID is needed, arrangements can be made through BU Ancillary Services at (204)727-7394 or . Ancillary Services has a template for a Health Studies graduate student ID. Arrangements can be made for off-campus students. The cost is about $15.  Turnaround time is about 3 weeks.  The student photo on file will be used unless otherwise specified.
  • If a name-only ID is needed, then contact Wendy Haidey to request a name tag. The name tag will include the Brandon University logo, your name as provided, and your role (MPN student). The cost is about $15.