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The Recognition of Aboriginal Rights: Case Studies 1.

By Samuel W. Corrigan and Joe Sawchuk, Editors.

Nine papers outline how governments in Canada, Australia and New Zealand have come to recognize Aboriginal rights. Subjects covered include treaties, Metis scrip, the Nishga claim, the Mabo case, the Waitangi Tribunal and recent issues in Canadian Aboriginal rights.

  • 6 x 9 inches, 157 pages, 1996
  • $21.00 ISBN 0-9680608-0-3 Paper

Readings in Aboriginal Studies, Volume 1: Human Services.

By Samuel W. Corrigan, Editor.

Featuring eighteen papers and eight editorial introductions covering a range of topics within the Human Services for Aboriginal people, this volume provides basic reading for students in introductory university courses in Aboriginal Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Social Work and Education. Each paper, written by one or more scholars, has appeared previously in a periodical in Aboriginal Studies, Law, Education, Child Care, or Social Development.

  • 6 x 9 inches, 319 pages, 1991
  • $26.00 ISBN 0-9695498-0-6 Paper

Readings in Aboriginal Studies, Volume 2: Identities and State Structures.

By Joe Sawchuk, Editor.

This book provides basic readings on Aboriginal people and questions of identity for students taking introductory courses in Aboriginal Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Women’s Studies, and Social Work. It will be of interest to those concerned with the imposition of identity upon individuals by the state, and to all those challenged by such issues as Aboriginal government, human rights and the survival of small societies

  • 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 352 pages, 1992
  • $35.00 ISBN 0-9695498-2-2 Cloth
  • $26.00 ISBN 0-9695498-3-0 Paper

Readings in Aboriginal Studies, Volume 3: World View.

By Samuel W. Corrigan, Editor.

This volume covers a range of topics relating to the world view of Aboriginal people in North and Central America. It contains papers written especially for this volume as well as works that have been previously published, although many are out of print. It includes a introduction to cosmology, concerns relating to time and space, the practical effects of spiritual belief and the Lakota experience.

  • 6 x 9 inches, 284 pages, 1995
  • $35.00 ISBN 0-9695498-4-9 Cloth
  • $26.00 ISBN 0-9695498-5-7 Paper

Readings in Aboriginal Studies, Volume 4: Images of the Indians: Portrayals of Native Peoples (Revised Edition).

By Joe Sawchuk, Editor

A series of scholars and writers, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, examine how a peculiarly White notion of “the Indian” has been constructed step by step, through literature, photography, painting, the movies, arts and crafts, museums, the social sciences and humanities, to allow the dominant society to explain and justify its conduct in Native/White relations. This book acts as a companion piece to Volume 2 in this series.

  • 6 x 9 inches, 218 pages, 1999
  • $26.00 ISBN 0-9680608-4-6 Paper

Readings in Aboriginal Studies, Volume 5: Aboriginal People and Canadian Law.

By Thomas Isaac, Editor

Eight previously published papers explore relationships among Aboriginal people, the Constitution, and Canadian law. These wide ranging and interdisciplinary papers can be read as both legal commentaries and as statements of the effects of a Constitution upon ordinary people. This book is the perfect companion for a number of recent explorations of Aboriginal law, providing analysis of current cases and issues in a readable and cogent manner.

  • 6 x 9 inches, 311 pages, 1996
  • $35.00 ISBN 0-9680608-1-1 Cloth
  • $26.00 ISBN 0-9680608-2-X Paper

Who Put Custer’s Bloomers on the Pony?

By Jan Brancewicz, Samuel W. Corrigan and Blaine Prince, Editors.

Written with refreshing candor, honesty and love, Native Canada comes alive! A series of young writers, mostly Native, all steeped in Native writing, express themselves with joy, sadness, warmth, humour and, always, great compassion. Here is the breadth of Native life today.

  • 6 x 9 inches, 169 pages, 1998
  • $21.00 ISBN 0-9680608-3-8 Paper

Aboriginal Law: Apartheid in Canada?

By Paula Mallea

The Canadian Constitution changed dramatically in 1982. Here, in ten concise chapters, Paula Mallea outlines the current state of Aboriginal law in Canada. Covering areas as diverse as Aboriginal rights, taxation, land rights, fishing and hunting, and governance, the book is both a basic text for courses in Aboriginal law and Aboriginal studies, and a cogent introduction to the position of Aboriginal people in Canada.

  • 6 x 9 inches, 239 pages, 1994
  • $35.00 ISBN 0-9695498-6-5 Cloth
  • $26.00 ISBN 0-9695498-7-3 Paper

Mni Wakan and the Sioux.

By Roger Hornby and Richard H. Danna, Jr., Editors. Published by Justin Publishing.

Twenty-Six papers and four editorial introductions discuss the topic of alcohol and Natives in North America. This book should stimulate many challenging research ideas and methods, more field work, and new community endeavours for coping with problems associated with alcohol, particularly in relation to Native people. An ideal resource for anyone concerned with the consumption and abuse of alcohol.

  • 6 x 9 inches, 343 pages, 1984
  • Sale Price: $15.00 ISBN 0-920127-00-2 Cloth
  • Sale Price: $10.00 ISBN 0-920127-01-0 Paper

The Canadian Journal of Native Studies

Both current and back issues to the journal are available from Bearpaw Publishing. These journals are indexed in numerous databases and hardcover indexes, a clear indication of their importance to the field of Native Studies. As such, these publications will prove to be a valuable addition to any library or collector devoted to developing a collection in this area.

  • ISSN 0715-3244 Individuals: $30.00
  • ISSN 0715-3244 Institutions: $54.00