Scholarships and Awards

In the case of discrepancies between information presented on these web pages and the printed calendar, the printed calendar shall be taken as containing the correct information.

Please see the Scholarships page of theĀ  General University Calendar for a listing of other awards for which students may be eligible.

Brandon University Silver Medal – Native Studies

Monetary Value: $0

One Silver Medal will be offered in each of the following areas in Arts, Science, Music and Education. To be eligible, a student must satisfy the following conditions:

Each department, or relevant sector of the Faculty or School, will select that graduating student (either a third-year or fourth-year graduate) who they believe has the best academic performance in the courses taken in their department.

  1. be a major or minor in the area in question;
  2. have taken at least 24 credit hours in that area; and
  3. not have won a Silver Medal in that area before

Normally Silver Medal winners will have a g.p.a. of at least 3.5 on the courses taken in the area in question. The g.p.a. will, of course, be a prime consideration in determining the Silver Medal winner, but it may not be the only one.

In close decisions, a runner up candidate may receive honourable mention. This runner-up, who must also satisfy the eligibility conditions specified for winners, will receive a Graduate Certificate of Merit at Convocation and will have the award noted on his/her transcript.

A Silver Medal will not be awarded to a student who has received Departmental approval to proceed to the fourth year of the honours degree program in the student’s major area of study. A recipient of a Silver Medal must be a May graduate or a previous Fall/February graduate to be eligible to receive a Silver Medal. Extra and repeat courses will not be used for Silver Medals

Harold Vidal Memorial Scholarship(s) In The Humanities

Value: $1500

To be awarded on Departmental recommendation to students entering their fourth year who have achieved high academic standing (at least 3.0 g.p.a.) in their majors. Two of the scholarships will be reserved for students entering the fourth year in English. One of the scholarships will be reserved for a student entering the fourth year in Languages. The remaining scholarship will be given to a student entering the Fourth year in either History, Native Studies (Native Languages stream, Native Humanities stream or Native Fine Arts stream), Philosophy or Religion. In the event that there are no eligible students in English or Languages, the scholarships reserved for these areas will be given to eligible students in other designated areas. These scholarships may not be shared.

Neil F. McMilan Scholarship

Value: $2220.00

To be awarded to a student in Native Studies who is judged by the Department of Native Studies to be the best over-all student in the discipline and who is proceeding into third year in Native Studies. In appreciation of education received by the Neil and Mary McMillan family in Manitoba.

Department of Native Studies Graduate Scholarship

Value: $500

To be awarded, by departmental recommendation, to a graduating student with a major or minor in Native Studies who is proceeding to graduate or professional studies.

Dr. Samuel W. Corrigan Memorial Scholarship

Value: $775.00

Provided by friends and colleagues of Sam Corrigan to honour his important contribution to the discipline of Native Studies. This Scholarship is awarded by Departmental recommendation on the basis of academic merit to a major or minor in the Department of Native Studies. This award may not be divided.

Charlene Geiger ‘Missing Women’ Memorial Essay Award

Value: $540.00

To be awarded annually to the Native Studies major or minor who, on the recommendation of the Department of Native Studies, has written the best essay dealing with Aboriginal women’s issues. This award may not be divided.

Napoleon Lussier Memorial Scholarship in Metis History

Value: $420.00

Provided by A. Lussier, to be awarded to a second or third year student who has studied Metis History within Native Studies or Canadian History and obtained a “B+” or better in the course.