Service Learning

About Service Learning

A new program started in the summer of 2005, Service Learning encourages student volunteer activities by recognizing their contributions to the community on their Brandon University transcripts.

Once approved by the SL committee, BU Students can receive Service Learning Annotation (recognition statement) on their transcript upon the completion of minimum 20 hours of volunteer service. Annotations will state that the student has completed a service learning activity or project, and the name of the activity. For example:

Service Learning Recognition: Geriatrics Hospital Volunteer, 2006

Service Learning Guidelines

  • Volunteer service should take place in a government agency, non-profit organization or school.
  • The service should meet the needs of the community organization and the education goals set by the student.
  • Service should be performed over the course of the school year (which includes the summer).
  • A student may receive one annotation per school year, with a maximum of four annotations.
  • A minimum time commitment of twenty (20) hours is necessary to receive a Service Learning annotation.
  • Students may not receive annotations for projects in which they are receiving payment (stipends, scholarships, bursaries, etc.), however, compensation may be allowed for expenses in some cases.

I volunteered last semester. Can I receive a Service Learning annotation?

Service Learning annotations can only be granted for future service. Don’t wait till after you’ve volunteered to apply.

When should I begin to record my volunteer hours?

Service hours will be counted from the date the application form is received at the RDI office. If students have volunteered before the date the application is received, their projects will be considered to have started when the application form is received, not from the actual starting date.

Please note: When filling out application forms, please make the starting date the same as the date you submit the application. Even if the ending date may not be for a couple of years, please provide an ending date within the school year. Students may mention the actual starting and ending dates in their paragraph/page written sections.