AP (Advanced Placement) Scholarships

High school students entering university for the first time who have excelled in AP (Advanced Placement) courses will be recognized, in addition to any amounts awarded through the BoG Entrance Scholarship program, according to the chart below:

AP Course Score Scholarship Amount
5 $250
4 $175

High school students must submit their AP (Advanced Placement) results to Admissions, by August 31 to be considered for this scholarship. Students are not required to claim transfer credit in order to receive Advanced Placement (AP) Scholarships. Consult the Admissions Office website for more information on AP courses and transfer credit.

Minimum Registration Requirement

Regardless of the value of an AP (Advanced Placement) scholarship received, recipients must maintain registration in a minimum of 12 credit hours at Brandon University in each of the Fall and Winter terms of the year in which they hold the scholarship.