Peter Brandt

After growing up in the small southeastern community of Bluemenort, Peter Brandt knew what he was looking for at university.

“I liked the small school size of Brandon University; that was definitely a draw,” he says. “And the Geography program was a good one. I’d heard good things about it.”

Brandt, who’ll graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography in May 2016, says that maps and mapping have always been his thing.

“It was a geography competition in junior high where my interest really developed,” he recalls. “I was a keener in high school as well. It’s my character, my personality. For my own personal fulfillment, I feel I have to do the best possible job.”

That keen interest in geography, and his willingness to apply himself and work hard at BU, has translated into great grades and numerous scholarships for Brandt.

“Scholarships are an affirmation that your hard work is worthwhile,” Brandt says. “There’s a lot of ease of mind. I ended up working part-time during my third and fourth year, but I don’t have to be constantly worrying if there’s enough money. It removes a lot of that, and that’s one less thing to stress about.”

As he prepares to go to grad school for a Master’s degree in Geography, Brandt has some advice for students arriving at Brandon University.

“You want to make the most of your experience? Get to know your profs. That’s been key,” he says. “I know each of my profs personally, somewhat. They’re available if you need help, they ask you to come — they want you to come.

“There’s a lot of doors that can be opened.”