Kevin Wong

Associate Professor
  • B.A. (H.K.B.U.), M.A. & Ph.D., Washington State

Office: Clark Hall 423


Phone: 204-727-7454

Fax: 204-726-0473

Teaching Areas: Criminology, Research Methods and Statistics.

Research Areas:
Delinquency, Homicide, Sociology of Law.

Using Canadian municipal data, Dr. Wong is writing a paper on how social conditions in terms of stratification, social relations, culture, political organization, and alternative social control affect the mobilization of law. As a sequel to his article on family disorganization and crime published in 2007, his next project is to incorporate the 2006 Census data in a new analysis. He is also working on a multi-year project of revising and expanding his Sociology of Homicide lecture materials into a publishable manuscript. Kevin is on the editorial board of the Journal of Youth and Adolescence.