Writing Skills

 Brandon University’s Writing Skills Assistance Guiding Principles

The Writing Skills is part of the Academic Skills Centre in Student Services. We assist students at any stage of the writing process. We are located in Room 102 of the A. E. McKenzie Building.

What We Do

Writing Skills staff members assist students as they develop their writing skills. Topics that may be covered during seminars and appointments include topic clarification, essay organization, outlines; thesis formation, sentence and paragraph structure, citations, referencing and avoiding plagiarism.

Services For Students:

Writing Workshops – fall 2017

Writing Skills Walk-In Times

Students are strongly encouraged to attend as many of the Writing Skills workshops as possible.  Workshops and seminars are designed to assist students in a group setting.  This way, students can benefit from hearing other students’ questions and collaborate in finding solutions.  Typically, sessions are focused on a particular topic that comprises part of the prewriting or writing process.  Students making individual appointments may be advised to attend seminars and workshops in addition to their one-on-one sessions.

What We Don’t Do

The service is a learning program, so Writing Skills staff members will not edit students’ papers for them. Students cannot drop off a paper and pick it up later “fixed.” Students are responsible for the content of their papers, including revisions to papers that are suggested during appointments.

Individual and Group Appointments

Appointments book up quickly. Please book your appointment a minimum of two weeks in advance.

Students are welcome to make appointments for individual or group assistance with Writing Skills staff members. Appointments are 30 or 60 minutes in length, and students are restricted to no more than two (2) appointments per week and no more than one (1) appointment on any given day. Students are encouraged to bring papers at any stage of the writing process, although it is highly useful to bring assignment instructions provided by professors.  For assistance with group assignments Writing Skills staff members will only discuss those sections of the assignment written by group members who are present.

Phone Appointments

Off-campus students may make telephone appointments provided arrangements are made for work in progress to be submitted by email. Students at a distance will be required to call in for the appointment.


Students with “quick questions” are welcome to email Writing Skills staff members. Please be advised that a reply may take up to two work days.

Online Resources

Writing Skills Moodle Classroom

All of the above information is available in alternate format upon request.

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