Learning Skills

Assistance is available for a wide range of study strategies and topics such as: reducing procrastination, making a study plan, using textbooks more effectively, taking better lecture notes, preparing for tests, writing exams, and improving memory. Learning Skills help is available through appointments, workshops, peer support from a senior student who’s been there, and a wide array of online resources.

Individual Appointments FAQs

How do I book an Individual Appointment?

One-hour individual appointments are available for any student and are held via Zoom. To book an individual Learning Skills appointment please click on the button below. 

Click here to book an appointment with  Sheilagh G

None of these appointment times work for me?

Please call 204-727-9737 to talk with reception, and check to see if a workshop or chat with a senior student Learning Coach will work for you.

How do I find the Zoom link for the appointment?

Once you book your appointment you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link.

What do I need to do before an appointment?

Have with you any textbooks, syllabi (course outlines) or assignments you have questions about.

Learning Skills Workshops

Skill-boosting online learning skills workshops cover a variety of topics and are offered multiple time for greater availability. Some classes are offering participation grades or bonus marks for learning skills workshops, so make sure to fill in the attendance form that will be posted in the chat so your participation can be reported. In-class workshops will be announced on your course Moodle page and in your class.  For more information please visit the Learning Skills Workshops page.

Learning Coach

A senior student trained in study skills is available to show you how they are succeeding at BU and teach you some methods you can easily adapt to your classes. Learning Coach hours will be announced in September. For more information please visit the Learning Coach page.

Learning Skills Online Modules

The Learning Skills Online Modules host videos and online resources that cover a variety of academic skills topics. For more information please visit the Learning Skills Online Modules page.

More Online Resources For Students

Transition to University

Whether you are coming to BU directly from high school or you are re-starting your studies, you may have questions about university expectations. This guide covers a variety of transition topics including researching, vocabulary and reading comprehension and campus connections.

Transition to University

Distance Learning Guide

With online classes there can be many adjustments and changes. This guide is intended to help support you in making the most of remote learning.

Distance Learning Guide

Online Resource Guide

If it is the middle of the night and you are struggling to concentrate, or remember what you just read, this guide has some suggestions to try! Check out these resources related to time management, reading textbooks, taking notes from lectures and strategies for exams.

Online Resource Guide

Companion Websites

These supplemental websites provided by textbook publishers have a variety of valuable study tools, such as interactive tests, chapter outlines, or flashcards. Check the back cover of your text for the most up to date resources.

Companion Websites