Student Accessibility Services

Brandon University is committed to providing equality of opportunity for all individuals enrolled in its programs of study. To this end, the University ensures that reasonable academic accommodation is made available for students with disabilities.

The Student Accessibility Services Coordinator, in consultation with the student and appropriate faculty and staff, facilitates the academic accommodation of students with disabilities. Accommodation is available to those who experience a temporary disability as well as to those who have a recurrent or permanent condition.

Accommodation may include providing alternative testing methods and settings; arranging for alternative format materials; arranging a reader, tutor, or note-taker services; and ensuring accessible classrooms.

A computer lab area is available to students with disabilities, and a limited amount of equipment may be borrowed for use throughout the semester.

Students seeking academic accommodation are encouraged to contact the Student Accessibility Services Coordinator as early as possible before their classes begin. All requests for accommodation are treated confidentially.

For further information on services available to students with disabilities, please contact:

Michelle Magnusson,
Student Accessibility Services Coordinator
Room 106, A.E. McKenzie Building
Phone: 204-727-9759
Fax: 204-725-2143

Approved by Senate, September 13, 2016

For more information on Accessibility please go to the Accessibility Hub.