IshKaabatens Waasa Gaa Inaabateg Department of Visual Art

Are you interested in expressing yourself and your ideas through drawing, painting, clay or printmaking? Would you like to try your hand at bead working, quilt making, making moccasins, baskets, or button blankets? Have you wondered about the art of cave painting, illuminated manuscripts, masterworks from the Renaissance, the art and lives of modern artists? Do you want to know about the great cities built in the Americas prior to European contact? Are you interested in seeing the most influential and magnificent artworks and monuments of the cultures from India, Europe, Africa, and the Americas?

Visual Art courses can develop the creative process within you. Introductory courses are available to the beginner who can acquire technical skills and general knowledge of the arts. For those focusing on a major field of study, the BFA degree provides a professional level of knowledge to become a capable practicing visual artist.

You will have the chance to examine the art world through its institutions, galleries and museums. You will be encouraged to actively participate in the Visual art community by exhibiting work and organizing student gallery exhibitions as well as meeting professional artists and peers.

Courses in Indigenous Art cater to specific interests in developing work inspired by the arts of the Americas. As well, theĀ  Indigenous Arts courses provide an understanding of the multitude of indigenous art forms and how they have evolved through the ages. The emphasis in these courses is on the non-western arts and their development from prehistory to the present.