The Bachelor of Fine Arts is a professional degree program intended for students seeking professional preparation in the visual arts. Students have the opportunity to choose from five four-year Majors in Aboriginal Art, Painting, Ceramics, Drawing, or Digital Media and Design. Digital Media and Design is available to students completing the Interactive Media Arts program offered at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon.

  • Students will complete a 120 credit, four-year degree of which a minimum 90 credit hours are in Visual and Aboriginal Art Studies.
  • An additional 30 credit hours of electives from within the university or the web design program will complete the degree. (Please contact the Dean of Arts Office at BU for information on transfer credit weighting of Web Design electives)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts:

  • Ensures all students are equally cognizant and conversant with the arts of European based society and of North American aboriginal societies.
  • Addresses career preparation, marketing, and small business management as required areas of academic study in order to continue as professional practicing artists.
  • Provides a knowledge of contemporary art that is respectful of its roots from previous art historical movements.
  • Develops students’ competencies in the technical applications used in art production by being discipline focused in the areas of painting, ceramics and printmaking.
  • Provides a window into emerging hybrid art forms developed through traditional fine arts media and digital technology. BU and ACC will work together to enable the transfer of visual art skills in traditional media to computer based design applications. The program highlights opportunities to explore digital technology for research, visual cross-referencing, art practice and online exhibitions.
  • Includes provisions for prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR). For more information about PLAR at Brandon University, contact the PLAR coordinator at 727-7300 or the office of the registrar at 727-9738, or visit their website.