About Movember

Join us every November as we support the focus on men’s health by promoting “Movember”. The Movember movement has really taken flight with a broader focus on men’s health, beyond the “Grow your Mo” challenge. This campaign raises awareness globally around prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health.

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If you are looking or someone to talk to, or for support, help is available.

Be sure to check out some of the great activities happening around campus in support of Movember!

Movember at Brandon University

Grow Your Mo

Start with a clean slate on Nov. 1 and see what you can grow through the month of November. We’ll be hosting a weekly photo contest — but it’s not about the whiskers, it’s about your photo! Anyone can win, we’ll be judging your creativity, not your handlebar curls. Need a marker or a prop to make a mo? That’s great! Every mo helps us raise awareness about men’s health.

Learn about men’s mental health

Many studies have shown that men don’t want to talk about mental health. New research done at Brandon University, through the Centre for Critical Studies of Rural Mental Health, suggests that a growing number of me do want to talk about it. Learn more about men’s mental health and the resources available to you.

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Watch for more Movember activities … coming soon!

Thank you

Movember at Brandon University is supported by many peoples, groups, and organizations, including: