The Academic Plan establishes the key priorities that Brandon University will pursue over the next five years to fulfil its institutional mission, to uphold its values, and to place the University on a trajectory that realizes its academic mission and vision.

The Academic Plan reflects a process and framework approved by the University Senate. The first two steps have been taken by the completion of this document:

  1. self-assessment, institutional review, and environmental scan, and
  2. institutional priorities and strategic positioning. The academic mission and support priorities reflect the strategic positioning of the University.

The next phase of the academic planning process includes the following steps:

  1. university and faculty/school strategic action plans and alignment, and
  2. the integration of the academic program and service unit plans into a single framework (i.e. the Integrated Academic Plan) to support coordination and shared action across Brandon University.

It is anticipated that faculty/school and academic service unit plans will be completed by March 31, 2015. Consistent with the University’s Academic Planning Cycle, the final phase in the academic planning process will be the monitoring and feedback of the results of the actions taken towards the fulfilment of the key priorities. Institutional analysis and planning capacity within the University will be established to support the effectiveness of initiatives aimed at achieving the key priorities embodied in the Academic Plan.

The Academic Plan spans the period 2015 to 2020, which includes the 50th anniversary of the institution in its current form as a university. The Academic Plan aims to build a consensus and to propel Brandon University on a trajectory that will involve the building of a leading, innovative, engaged university for generations of students, alumni, faculty, staff, community stakeholders, and partners to come.