Brandon University will be a leading university of choice for students, faculty, and staff among its peer post-secondary institutions.

By fostering an inclusive, collegial, student-centred culture, the University will engage a diverse population of students in scholarly and research activities and active citizenship.

Working with communities, the University will act as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Brandon University’s strengths lie in its focus on academic success and the student experience; faculty innovative research, scholarly, and creative activities that engage its students and contribute to society; and university commitment as a partner in the growth and vitality of the communities that it serves.

Brandon University has a strong liberal arts and science foundation that grounds its academic, professional, career-oriented, and interdisciplinary programs.

The University is differentiated from other institutions by its core role in supporting post-secondary educational needs within the western Manitoba region as well as its extensive tradition of working collaboratively with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities to establish customized educational programs.

Brandon University is recognized as an important asset, catalyst, and partner for economics and community growth within the southwestern Manitoba region.

This partnership extends to local government, business, and community organizations, and to international institutions that are complementary to the prosperity of the region and province