Brandon University was established in 1967, building on Brandon College, founded in 1899, through the visionary efforts of generations of faculty, staff, students, and community members across several decades. Today, this Academic Plan honours their work, the rich history of Brandon University, and its strong relationship to its stakeholders.

The Academic Plan spans the period 2015 to 2020, and includes our 50th anniversary which will be celebrated in 2017. It aims to harness the dreams and aspirations of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community for this remarkable institution and provide a strong foundation for the future so that the generations celebrating the 100th anniversary of the University may look back with pride on the work that we have done in contributing to the building of an outstanding academic institution. Throughout the Academic Plan, the University reaffirms its commitment to Academic Freedom.

The Academic Plan serves many purposes and reflects the multiplicity of the stakeholders involved in supporting and benefiting from the activities and outcomes of the University. The priorities articulated in the Academic Plan establish the trajectory of all aspects of the University. The direct benefits to the University are clear and include fostering new possibilities while meeting societal needs. Our city, surrounding rural areas, and province also benefit from the contributions made by the University community to the quality-of-life and wellbeing of all citizens.

The Academic Plan identifies priorities and strategic actions of Brandon University. The Academic Plan provides a framework of priorities upon which more unit-specific Faculty, School, Department, and Service Unit plans can be developed. The integration of the academic program and service unit plans into a single framework will support coordination and shared action within the university. These individual plans together become the Integrated Academic Plan. The Integrated Academic Plan orients the University from its current to its future state. It envelops all the academic programs and services of the University: the Faculties of Arts, Education, Graduate Studies, Health Studies and Science, the School of Music, the Indigenous Peoples’ Centre, the Library, and Student Services as well as the Offices of the Vice-President (Academic and Provost), Vice-President (Administration and Finance), and President and Vice-Chancellor. The aim of the Brandon University Integrated Academic Plan is to build a shared vision, a consensus that supports the development of a university that is collaborative and collegial as well as innovative and leading the way among peer institutions.

The Integrated Academic Plan is a fundamental part of the University Institutional Plan and will guide the alignment of institutional services and infrastructure towards the support and attainment of the key academic priorities of the institution. These institutional services include Finance and Registration, Human Resources, Information Technology, Facilities Management Services, Institutional Advancement, the John E. Robbins Library, and the S.J. McKee Archives. Infrastructure includes items such as technology and facilities (e.g., teaching and learning space, research laboratories, and residence accommodations).