Accessible Employment Standard

The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) was passed as law in December 2013.  The purpose of this legislation is to provide a long term, proactive approach to making our province more inclusive for everyone.

The Accessible Employment Standard, the second of the five standards within this legislation, was enacted May 1, 2019, as the Accessible Employment Standard Regulation.  By May 1, 2021, all universities and colleges are required to have established  and implemented processes and procedures which align with this standard.

The core aspects of this standard include:

  • Collecting Workplace Emergency Response Information in order to create and implement Emergency Response Plans for those with accessibility concerns;
  • Reducing barriers within the recruitment process [from vacancy posting to offer of employment] by making each phase accessible;
  • Educating and training of employees with respect to accessibility in employment [Duty to Accommodate, Return to Work plans, Accessibility and Career Development].

As of May 1, 2020,  Brandon University is required to implement an Emergency Response Planning process for faculty, staff and students who require assistance during an emergency.

We will also continue to focus on reducing barriers to the recruitment process and will be offering information sessions on a variety of the accessible employment topics identified in the legislation.

By May 1, 2021, Brandon University will have implemented the remaining core aspects of Accessible Employment Standard.