Throughout  The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA), there is an obligation consistently identified throughout each of the standards:  the requirement to provide training on the legislation as well as training on the process, practices and policies Brandon University has established to comply with this law.

Learning can take place in many ways, including through:

  • facilitated training sessions
  • online learning modules
  • monthly learning calendar
  • internal communications (bulletins and notices)
  • working groups
  • colleagues and their experiences

We are fortunate to have learning resources available within Brandon University. Our Learning & Organizational Development Program Manager, Erica Brown, can facilitate training and provide access to current topics relevant to accessibility.  In addition, The Manitoba Accessibility Office (MAO) has created an online learning portal to help employers educate their employees around the AMA and its standards.

As a reminder, the five standards that comprise the AMA legislation include:

1. Customer Service

2. Accessible Employment

3. Information and Communication

4.  Design of Public Spaces (formerly the Built Environment)

5. Transportation

Should you wish to have specialized or one-on-one training regarding any aspect of the current AMA standards, please reach out to Erica Brown at extension 494.