Emergency Response Planning

One of the core aspects to the Accessible Employment Standard is the collection of Workplace Emergency Response Information in order to create and implement individualized Emergency Response Plans for those with accessibility concerns.  As we work to ensure your safe evacuation during an emergency, we have created the Emergency Response Worksheet.

Emergency Response Planning for Employees (Faculty and Staff)

For employees, an Emergency Response Worksheet has been created to help managers and supervisors work with those faculty and staff who may need special consideration or assistance during emergencies.

Here are some commonly asked questions about the emergency response planning process:

What is the Emergency Response Worksheet?

The worksheet is a five-page document that asks for your information, your emergency contact information, work location, potential emergency response barriers, your consent to share the emergency response information, names of emergency supports (if needed), and your emergency plan summary.

Once you have completed the worksheet, the information contained in the first four pages will help to create your emergency plan summary, found on the last page.

How do I know if I need to complete an Emergency Response Worksheet?

Anyone who needs assistance:

  • due to mobility issues (for example: needs extra time going down stairs or to exit a building),
  • or has a disability, either temporary (for example:  broken leg) or permanent,

should complete the worksheet.   Completing this worksheet helps Brandon University keep you safe at work during evacuations or emergencies.  All information is kept confidential.  It will only be shared with your consent.

How does filling out the Emergency Response Worksheet help me?

When you complete the worksheet, you submit it to your supervisor.  From there, your supervisor will work with you and the Safety & Health Advisor to create an Emergency Response Plan to assist you when needed.  On the last page of the worksheet, you are asked to identify any helpers (if you need them) who you feel comfortable having help you in emergent situations.   You and your supervisor will speak with your helpers to make sure they are adequately prepared to help you should an emergency arise.

Do I have to share my medical information with my supervisor and the Safety & Health Advisor?

No, you do not have to share any medical information that you are not comfortable disclosing.  This worksheet is simply the basis from which your supervisor and the Health & Safety Officer are made aware that you need help.

For example, if you suffer from anxiety and emergency situations can trigger an episode, you may have a close colleague or friend on campus who knows this and is able to help reduce your anxiety.  You can simply indicate on your worksheet that, for your current health condition, you require your friend/colleague to escort you to a muster point in emergencies.

If you do disclose any of your medical information, please know that this information is held in confidence and is only used by those who are involved in the planning of your emergency response plan.

Where is my Emergency Response Plan kept?

Once you, your supervisor, and the Health & Safety Officer have met and established your emergency plan, your supervisor and Health & Safety Officer will retain a copy of the last page of your worksheet.  This page contains your plan, your helpers (if needed), and your consent indicating you have shared this information.   You will also have a copy of the plan.

Both your supervisor and Health & Safety Officer will store this information is a secured area to maintain confidentiality.  The first four pages of the worksheet will be sent to Human Resources to be retained in your medical file.

What happens if I have to change my plan?

At any point, if your existing situation changes or you now need help in emergencies, you would complete an Emergency Response Worksheet. You would provide your supervisor with an updated worksheet.

If you no longer need assistance, you would notify your supervisor of this in writing.  Both your supervisor and the Safety & Health Advisor would send their copies of your plan to Human Resources for retention within your medical file.

If you need to change the names of those who you had identified as your helpers during emergencies, you would provide that update on the worksheet as well.

I have more questions; who can I speak with?

As always, we encourage you to start the conversation with your supervisor.  If you have unanswered questions after that point, you are welcome to reach out to accessibility@brandonu.ca.  A member of the Human Resources team will be able to assist you.

Emergency Response Planning for Students

Student Accessibility Services continues to work with students through their process for emergency response planning.  For more information, contact the Student Accessibility Services office at (204) 727-7312 or (204) 727-9759.