What is an Accommodation?

For some of us, workplace accommodations may be unchartered territory.  Nevertheless, we must help those who encounter a barrier  in the workplace which prevents them from performing some of their duties.  As we work to educate ourselves through various AMA training and workshops offered at Brandon University, we will become more familiar with workplace accommodations.  The Manitoba Human Rights Commission has created a quick reference guide, Reasonable Accommodation in the Workplace.  This valuable tool helps to explain everyone’s role in the accommodation process.

As you work to understand what are essential job requirements, how to identify workplace barriers,  and how to ensure a request constitutes a workplace accommodation,  we have a resource for you.  A quick reference, known as the Accommodation Decision Tree, was created by Barbara L. Roberts (2006).  This resource helps both employees and supervisors assess situations to determine when an accommodation may or may not be the solution.

As always, contact Human Resources with any of your workplace accommodation-related questions.