2011 Colloquium

2011’s colloquium was held Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stay for the day or stop-by any one of our themed sessions. All presentations will be held in the Health Studies Building Room 141 (Ceremonial Room).

9:00-10:10 — Global Challenge

  • Chris Hunt, “We’re from New York and Here to Save You: An Analysis of the United Nations as Government”
  • Deandra Tousignant, “The Secondary Impacts of Tourism: Waste in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico”
  • Yi Wang, “From Qushan, Beichuan to Weizhou, Wenchuan: Case Study of the Earthquake-Triggered Landslide Hazards after the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake”

10:10-11:00 — Exploring and Challenging Gender Conventions

  • Marlee Couling, “Moving Forward, Moving Back: Women at Brandon College in the 1950s”
  • Brandy Robertson, “Jane Austen and the Social Convention of Marriage”

11:00-11:50 — Explorations in Ethnographies

  • Chris Hunt, “The McChoice: An Observational Exploration of Fast Food Consumption”
  • Jonathan Keen, “The Ethno-Cultural Evolution of Metis Identity in Turtle Mountain, 1885- Present”

11:50-12:40 — Historiographies

  • Taryn Buffi, “Using Skaldic Poetry as a Historical Source”
  • Maryann Buri, “Epistemology and Reconstruction: New Trends in African Historiography”

12:40-1:30 — Stellar and Galactic Astrophysics

  • Brendan Cooper, “A Shocking View of the Milky Way Galaxy”
  • Chris Pugh, “Abundance Determination Using Synthetic Stellar Spectra”

1:30-2:20 — Undergraduate Students: Family and Academic Matters

  • Kansas E. Schure, “Sibling Modeling and Deidentification in Three Sibling Relationships”
  • Britton Woods, “The Relationships between Personality, Academic Self-Handicapping, and Academic Performance: Does the Type of Course Matter?”

2:20-3:10 — Challenging the Dominant Gender Regime

  • Miranda Galvin, “Beyond the Binaries: The Promise of Queer Politics”
  • Nicole Peel, “Six Ways to Win an Argument with a Biological Determinist”

3:10-4:00 — Revaluing Housework

  • Louise Ferguson, “Feminism, Social Reproduction, and the Revaluation of Housework”
  • Allison Popowich, “Life after the Breadwinner-Homemaker Model of Marriage”

4:00-4:50 — Creative Writing: Poems of Love and Absence

  • Ashley Hancharyk, “Love and Other Things: A Collection of Poetry”
  • Katie Solbeck, “Will”

4:50-5:40 — Creative Writing: Text and Image

  • Mike Hayden, “A Man Mural: Prelude”
  • Jessica Popeski, “Away with Words”