2012 Colloquium

2012’s colloquium was held Friday, April 20, 2012

Stay for the day or stop-by any one of our themed sessions. All presentations will be held in the Health Studies Building, Room 141 (Ceremony Room).

9:00-10:00—Why We Buy It and Why We Toss It

  • Barbara Farough: “Shilling with Exploitation: Advertising as Reflected in a Capitalist Patriarchy”
  • Nicole Peel: “Greening of Greed: A Critical Analysis of the Current Green Movement”
  • Tauvia Siemens: “Development of a Refuse Audit across the Brandon University Grounds”


  • Jason Dooley: “Lethal Formalities: The Killing of Capt. Thomas Innes by Capt. Edward Clark”
  • Morganna Malyon: “The Griffintown Horror”

10:45-11:45—Cultural Representations

  • Jenn Maxwell: “Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s Allegory and Effects of Good Government: The Hypothetical Rhetoric of Iustitia, Pax, Concordia, and Securitas
  • Katie Solbeck: “Mortimer”
  • Adam Schipper: “King Theese”

11:45-12:45—The Prairies

  • Kelsey Howell: “A Habitat Structure Comparison of Successful vs. Failed Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata) nests in Antelope Creek, Alberta”
  • Joel Springer: “The Changing Landscape: The Commission on the Transportation of Grain by Rail, the Crow’s Nest Pass Rate’s, and the Fight Over the Future of Grain Transport in Western Canada”
  • Jurgen Van der Sluijs: “Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for the Development of High Resolution Digital Elevation Models for Localized Areas”


  • Fabien Cayer: “Quid Est?: The Uncertainty of Perceptional Correctness”
  • Benjamin Lockhart: “The Handling of Minimal Risk Research by Ethics Review Boards”


  • Mike McFarlane: “The Fundamentalist Modernist Controversy at Brandon College, 1919-1923”
  • Evan Stitt: “Magnacca as Mayor”
  • Natalie Majcher: “‘Those (students) who are promiscuous need medical or psychiatric attention’: The 1971 contraceptive controversy at Brandon University”

2:30-3:15—But It Doesn’t Look Like Democracy

  • Brad McClelland: “The State of Democracy in Contemporary Russia: Are Critics too Cynical?”
  • Chris Hunt: “Putting the Regent Back into Vice Regent: How the Governor General Can Protect our Democracy”

3:15-4:00—At the Edge of Empire

  • Jenn Maxwell: “The rebellion out west is getting a rather hot affair”: British-Canadian Nation Building amidst the Northwest Rebellion of 1885″
  • Jeremy Roberts: “Adaptation and Imposition: The Settlement of a Pioneer Family in the Canadian Prairie West”

4:00-5:00—Medieval Worlds

  • Natalie Majcher: “Penance, Clerical Education and the Fourth Lateran Council”
  • Morganna Malyon: “Jews and Christians in the High Middle Ages: Accusations of Blood Libel”
  • Chris Bentley: “The Production of Maleficia: Magic and Sorcery in the High Middle Ages”

5:00-5:45—Cross-Cultural Education

  • Chris Bentley: “English as a Language for (Em)Power(ment): EAL Education, Multiculturalist Policy, and Critical Pedagogy in Socio-Historical Perspective, 1950 to the Present”
  • Ryan Premack: “Culture in the Music Classroom”