2013 Colloquium

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stay for the day or stop-by any one of our themed sessions. All presentations will be held in the Louis Riel Room.

Campus Map

9:30-10:30 — Prairie Histories

  • Jennifer Sylvester, “The Beginning Years of the Brandon Winter Fair”
  • Tyler Warren, “Going against the Grain: Federal Elections in Brandon Souris: 1993 and 1997 “
  • James Heamen, “Manitoba Pool Elevators: Impacts on Rural Society”

10:30-11:15 — Humanities

  • Fabien Cayer, “One Among the Many: Plato and the Greek Doxastogenesis”
  • Kathy Levandoski, “Poor Sad Henry Blight”

11:15-12:00 — Creative Writing

  • Billy Kay, “The Double Decker”
  • Benjamin Mason, “A Look Through Someone Else’s Eyes”

12:00-12:15 BREAK

12:15-1:15 — Models and Lattices

  • David Underwood, “Evaluating Alternative Methods of Deriving 3-D Models from Oblique Aerial Photography”
  • Corey DeGagne, “Exploring Lattice Operations in Finite Projective Planes”
  • Robin Taylor, “Monte Carlo Simulation on a new Depleted Triangular Lattice”

1:15-2:15 — Animals and Chemicals

  • Hanna Mazier, “Parasitism and Predation on Larval Amphibian Phenotypic Plasticity”
  • Julia Redfern, “Functional Morphs in Trematode Parasites”
  • Emiliya Mamleeva, “Synthesis of α, β – Unsaturated Sulfonates and Sulfonamides Via a Novel Witting Reagent”

2:15-3:15 — Social Sciences

  • Steve Dueck, “Playing in Big Leagues: University Athletics on a Small Campus, Brandon University Bobcats, 1985-1990”
  • Sylvia Kasper, “Male Contraception: Perceptions and Acceptability”
  • John Jackson, “Exploring the Experiences of Canadian Psychiatric Nurses: A Phenomenological Study”

3:15-4:00 — Global Politics

  • Brad McClelland, “War, Peace and Rhetoric: A Discursive Analysis of Canada’s Foreign Policy in Afghanistan”
  • Luke Sayese, “Political Development in India: Democracy by Grassroots, Plurality, and Consensus”