BU Statement on Inclusion

Brandon University affirms an unwavering and unambiguous commitment to diversity, inclusion and universal human rights. We are stronger and richer together, and we celebrate the unique contributions brought to our community through everyone’s individual circumstances, perspectives and life experiences.

Around the globe, and occasionally here at home, we must sometimes face xenophobia and racism. This often masquerades as nationalism, pride, or concerns about cultural purity. Bigots may deliberately use vague language or misappropriate the struggles of marginalized groups to advance their offensive cause. Their language is couched in pretend innocence that is designed to convince the naïve and to provoke divisive reactions. We are not fooled. We condemn hate speech of all kinds.

The paradox of tolerance reminds us that no accommodations can be made for intolerance. Hate speech is not free speech. Prejudice is not pride. Bigotry is not up for debate.

These distasteful opinions are to be found everywhere, and the Brandon University campus is no exception. However, there are ways for the BU community to come together in response:

  • Reaffirm your own support for diversity and inclusion. Be proud to be one of the people who keeps our campus so welcoming and safe.
  • Go out of your way to make positive connections with people and groups who are dissimilar from you.
  • Call out intolerance when you are able. If you can, use your privilege to advocate for and ally with others.

Brandon University staff, faculty and students come from many backgrounds, from around the world. That diversity strengthens our community, and provides us all with enormous benefits. We are committed to providing an environment that welcomes all, where everyone can feel safe, supported and respected for who they are as individuals with dignity and as full members of humanity.

The hurtful or hateful actions of a small number of individuals can have an outsize effect on marginalized groups and we know that disturbing expressions can have emotional impacts that require care and attention. We remind our entire BU community that we have services here to support you.


Faculty & Staff:


  • Our Diversity and Human Rights Advisor, Cheryl Fleming, is available as a resource at 204-727-9785 or flemingc@brandonu.ca
  • Inappropriate postings on campus should be reported to Physical Plant at 204-727-9620
  • Inappropriate postings or comments on BU social media accounts should be reported to BU Communications at Communications@BrandonU.ca
  • In an unsafe situation, call our 24-hour security line at 204-727-9700, use an Emergency Blue Light Phone, or call 911.
  • Please download our BSAFE safety app from the BrandonU.ca/Safety webpage