FAQs: Employment Equity Questionnaire

Do I have to respond to this questionnaire?

We require every employee to provide their name or employee number at the top of the form and date it.  If you do not wish to provide the information, you can then check off the box next to the statement “I decline to complete the questionnaire.” and return it to the Diversity and Human Rights Office.  Each item beyond that gives you the option “Decline to answer” so you can select which questions you want to respond to.

Why is this information being collected?

This information is collected from all new and current full time and part time regular employees, including Faculty, in order to have an accurate picture of the composition of our workforce.  This is important to Brandon University as it allows us to identify areas where designated group members are underrepresented, to devise strategies to correct this, and to monitor the success of these strategies.

Isn’t asking questions about my race or disability discriminatory?

No. The Manitoba Human Rights Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act both allow for the collection of this type of data where the purpose is to improve conditions for disadvantaged groups.

Why should everyone complete the Employment Equity Questionnaire?

At Brandon University, we want to ensure that the makeup of our workforce reflects the makeup of our larger environment.  In order to achieve this goal, we need the most accurate data possible from all employees, whether they identify as members of a designated group or not.

What if people choose not to provide Equity information?

This information helps us to identify where there might be underrepresentation of people in any of the four designated groups.  If we do not have reliable data to show us where such underrepresentation exists it is difficult to implement programs to ameliorate this, or to evaluate how well such a program might be working.

How will the information I provide be used at Brandon University?

The information you provide will be used to create statistics about representation of designated groups at various levels and areas of the university. This data will be used to determine our current state, to aid us in setting employment equity goals, and to monitor our progress toward these goals.  Information collected will only be used for employment equity purposes, and only aggregate statistics will be published or shared. We will not release any information that relates to any identifiable person.

Why do I have to put my name or employee number on the questionnaire?

Names and employee numbers are used as an identifier on the questionnaire so that we can relate the information you provide to the type of job you do, the area of the university you work in and other factors that may be important to consider.  If you are not sure of your employee number you can find it at the top of your Statement of Earnings, or you can call Human Resources at 204-727-9782.

Will this information be shared outside of Brandon University?

This information will not be shared outside of Brandon University. Should Brandon University be required to provide this information to any outside entity (for example Statistics Canada), all affected personnel will be informed and will be provided with the opportunity to amend their information.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Yes. The information you provide is protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be kept strictly confidential.  Only the Diversity and Human Rights Advisor will have access to your individual information, and it will be kept separate from your personnel file.

How can I correct or change my information?

You can contact the Diversity and Human Rights Advisor at 204-727-9785 or email diversity@brandonu.ca to correct or update your information.

I have workplace accommodations in place. Should I still identify as a person with a disability?

Yes. All people with disabilities are asked to self-identify, including those who have been accommodated in the workplace.

Can I identify in more than one group?

Yes. The Employment Equity Regulations permit identifying in more than one designated group.  The questionnaire includes definitions from the Employment Equity Act to help you accurately identify which group(s) you belong to.

Why are we collecting data on just these groups?

We recognize that there are other groups that have faced, and continue to face, barriers to employment that could be included in this questionnaire. At this time Brandon University has chosen to limit data collection to the groups designated in the Employment Equity Act, while still working to remove barriers for those other groups.

Why is there a strong responsibility for a University to work towards equity and to have a diverse workforce that reflects the larger community?

A diverse workforce in a university has been shown to improve representation and success of students from these groups.

This document is available in PDF and Microsoft Word format on the Brandon University website.  A printed copy can be attained from the Diversity and Human Rights Office, Room 333 Clark Hall.