English for Academic Purposes

Fall'15 Term Banquest

Fall’15 Term Banquet


  • EAP is primarily for students who are preparing to enter English-speaking post-secondary educational institutions and need to improve their English skills to university-level fluency.
  • EAP is also designed for those people who want to improve their use of English as a second language for professional or personal purposes.
  • Some knowledge of the English language is required before students are accepted into the EAP program. Generally, high school English is required.

Note: This is not an English conversation class only.


Fall'15 Legislative Building Winnipeg, MB

Fall’15 Legislative Building

  • Direct entry into regular university classes after successful completion of the highest level
  • Small classes: average class size of 10 with a maximum of 12 students
  • Social activities that provide insight into Canadian culture
  • Courses offered year-round in three 13-week sessions
  • Different levels of instruction dependent upon each student’s needs
  • Opportunities to speak in class through active participation in a variety of oral activities
  • Academic and cultural orientation, and orientation to the university and its facilities
  • Full access to Brandon University facilities (library, computers, e-mail, internet, language lab, gymnasium)
  • International student advisor and academic counselling at Student Services
  • International Students’ Organization (ISO) provides EAP students with the opportunity to meet with students from other countries

    Fall'15 Movie Day - James Bond

    Fall’15 Movie Day – James Bond

  • Fully equipped language and computer laboratories enable students to enhance their English skills as well as their keyboarding and word processing skills
  • Internet and e-mail access
  • State-of-the-art library facility
  • Fully-equipped gymnasium
  • On-campus theatre
  • Bookstore
  • Cafeterias

Student Pub




HEALTH INSURANCE                                                                                                                              


Health insurance is mandatory for all EAP students at Brandon University.  Doctor and hospital visits are expensive in Canada – that’s why you will have guard.me International Insurance  beginning in the Spring/Summer 2017 term.

  • What is guard.me?

guard.me International Insurance is a world leader in supporting the health and wellness of international students around the world.

  • What’s included?

100% payment for eligible charges

No deductibles or co-payment

Doctor, hospital and clinic fees

Prescriptions for medication

Access to direct-payment clinics

24/7 telephone support in 200+ languages

    The price for your semester will be $190/term.

    Your coverage will run from:

    • Winter Term – January 1st to April 30th
    • Spring/Summer Term – May 1st to August 31st
    • Fall Term – September 1st to December 31st

    For full details or to see a list of clinics in the area, visit www.guard.me/brandonu