English for Academic Purposes

Admission for the 2022-23 academic year will be suspended effective May 1st, 2022.


  • EAP is primarily for students who are preparing to enter English-speaking post-secondary educational institutions and need to improve their English skills to university-level fluency.
  • EAP is also designed for those people who want to improve their use of English as a second language for professional or personal purposes.
  • Some knowledge of English language is strongly recommended before enrolling into the EAP program.

Note: This is not an English conversation class only.


Fall'15 Legislative Building Winnipeg, MB

Fall’15 Legislative Building

  • Direct entry into regular university classes after successful completion of the highest level
  • Small classes
  • Social activities that provide insight into Canadian culture
  • Courses offered year-round in three 13-week sessions
  • Different levels of instruction dependent upon each student’s needs
  • Opportunities to speak in class through active participation in a variety of oral activities
  • Academic and cultural orientation, and orientation to the university and its facilities
  • Full access to Brandon University facilities (library, computers, e-mail, internet, language lab, gymnasium)
  • International student advisor and academic counselling at Student Services
  • International Students’ Organization (ISO) provides EAP students with the opportunity to meet with students from other countries

    Fall'15 Movie Day - James Bond

    Fall’15 Movie Day – James Bond

  • Fully equipped language and computer laboratories enable students to enhance their English skills as well as their keyboarding and word processing skills
  • Internet and e-mail access
  • State-of-the-art library facility
  • Fully-equipped gymnasium
  • On-campus theater
  • Bookstore
  • Cafeterias

Student Pub




Biometrics, which include fingerprinting and digital photographs, are a new entry requirement to Canada as of Dec. 31, 2018. Current students are exempt from biometrics, but this may change at any time. For new international students intending to arrive in 2019, biometrics will need to be submitted in person at a designated location in their country of residence.

For more info, visit:


The staff in the Office of International Activities are not legally permitted to provide you with immigration advice including, but not limited to study and work permits, renewals, post graduate work permits or permanent residency applications. In addition, Brandon University does not provide custodial/guardian services for minors.

If you require assistance, please visit the ICCRC website  to locate a certified immigration consultant in Manitoba.

* please note fees may vary and you are not obligated to use  an RCIC representative or agent to apply to Brandon University or process your study visa.


HEALTH INSURANCE                                                                                                                              


Health insurance is mandatory for all EAP students at Brandon University.  Doctor and hospital visits are expensive in Canada – that’s why you will have guard.me International Insurance  beginning in the Spring/Summer 2017 term.

  • What is guard.me?

guard.me International Insurance is a world leader in supporting the health and wellness of international students around the world.

  • What’s included?

100% payment for eligible charges

No deductibles or co-payment

Doctor, hospital and clinic fees

Prescriptions for medication

Access to direct-payment clinics

24/7 telephone support in 200+ languages

    The price for your semester will be $190/term.

    Your coverage will run from:

    • Winter Term – January 1st to April 30th
    • Spring/Summer Term – May 1st to August 31st
    • Fall Term – September 1st to December 31st

    For full details or to see a list of clinics in the area, visit www.guard.me/brandonu