Institutional Spending

Brandon University’s direct operations expenditures total $48.2 million in Manitoba in the year 2014–15 (including $44.4 million in Brandon). Following the example of other studies, the operations spending was divided into four categories:

  • Salaries and benefits paid to faculty members, researchers and various staff groups in support of the academic mandate. This spending represents the largest portion of the budget,
  • Materials, supplies and services included in operation expenses is the second largest area of spending at the University and impacts hundreds of suppliers and dozens of building construction and renovations businesses throughout Brandon,
  • Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards – Brandon University provides scholarships, student bursaries, grants, and research and teaching assistantships to students, and
  • All other expenses including utilities, travel, cost of goods sold, maintenance and repairs and financing.

Table 2. Institutional Spending at Brandon University for 2014/2015

Operations and Capital Spending % Spending in Brandon[1] Direct Brandon $M Total impact Brandon X1.5 $M % Spending in Manitoba[2] Direct Manitoba $M Total impact Manitoba X1.5 $M
Salaries & Benefits 98% 38.1 57.2 100% 38.9 58.4
Supplies & Consumable Expenses 38% 2.6 3.9 68% 4.7 7.1
Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards 99% 1.3 2.0 100% 1.3 2.0
All other expenses 25% 2.4 3.6 38% 3.2 5.0
Total Expenditures 86% 44.4 66.6 93% 48.2 72.3

Initial direct spending of $48.2M in Manitoba in the four areas of operations spending resulted in indirect and induced spending impact of $72.3M on the Manitoba economy. Initial direct spending of $44.4M in Brandon resulted in $66.6M of indirect and induced spending within Brandon and Southwest Manitoba.

  1. Percentage of spending in Brandon of all spending by Brandon University
  2. Percentage of spending in Manitoba of all spending by Brandon University