Environmental Science Laboratories

The western prairie fringed orchid (Platanthera praeclara), 7 July 2014 in a roadside ditch near Tolstoi, Manitoba. This site is the only location in Canada where this orchid grows. Photo © T. McGonigle.

Brandon University’s Environmental Science Labs (ESL) are state of the art analytical and microscopy suite that supports research and research training in both soil biology and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction.

Please note: We do not provide testing services.

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Information is provided on these web pages for information only; for research collaborators, stakeholders, and for recruiting graduate students.

Research focuses include:

  • Mycorrhizal ecology of leafy spurge;
  • Root activities in space and time;
  • Soil-plant relations of tundra plant communities (in association with the Churchill Northern Studies Centre);
  • Palaeo-palynology;
  • Palaeobotanical proxies of climate (‘deep time’ climate change studies).

Research facilities and activity in the ESL is funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Manitoba Research and Innovation Fund (province of Manitoba), NSERC, BU Research Committee, and CFB Shilo.

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