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The web sites listed below have a relationship with the ESL. Drs Greenwood and McGonigle are members of Faculty in the Department of Biology at Brandon University. Both supervise graduate students at Brandon University.

Dr. Greenwood’s homepage

This page details research in Dr. Greenwood’s research group and provides a list of research publications. PDF copies of some of these research publications are available for download.

Dr. McGonigle’s homepage

This page details research in Dr. McGonigle’s research group and provides a list of research publications.

Brandon University’s M.Sc. (Environmental & Life Sciences) or ‘MELS’

BU’s MELS program is a 2 year thesis-based graduate degree delivered across the Department’s of Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Geology. The facilities in the ESL are available for M.Sc. students in MELS.

BU Environmental Science Program

BU’s Environmental Science program is a 4-year degree provided a broad training across the sciences. All students in the BSES must complete a final year capstone project. Some of these students work in the ESL.

BSES students can also work under a co-op placement or research internship at the BRC.

BU Biology Dept. web pages

BU’s Biology Department is the home Dept. for both Dr. Greenwood and Dr. McGonigle.

Students in the Biology degree program can complete a one term or two term thesis as part of their degree, and these students may use the ESL.

Brandon Research Centre— Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada,

Researchers at the BRC conduct research on a vast array of agro-ecological processes that determine the sustainability of agricultural production, and the impact of crop and animal production on the quality of the environment, including land, water, and air resources.

Churchill Northern Studies Centre

Researchers at the CNSC conduct research on wide range of ecological and meteorological questions relating to the subarctic environment of northern Manitoba, which encompasses the boreal forest, tundra, and coastal shoreline.

Manitoba water testing

Environmental Laboratories in Manitoba offering water testing services must be accredited by either the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc. (CALA) or the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).

Click here to view the CALA directory of accredited water testing labs, or here for the SCC pages.