About Us

Fossil spores and pollen from the Paleocene Turtle Mountain coals, MB. Images by C,L. Greenwood, ESL, using the BX51 microscope.

The ESL is the result of a funding partnership between the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Manitoba Research and Innovation Fund of the province of Manitoba.

Opened in 2008, and upgraded in 2013, the ESL has a regular staff of 4:

  • David R. Greenwood Ph.D. — Microscopy Suite
  • Terence P. McGonigle Ph.D. — Analytical Suite
  • Jen D. Wasko M.Sc. — Analytical Suite technician
  • Cathy L. Greenwood B.Sc. — Microscopy Suite technician

A key role for the ESL is offering access to quality analytical and microscopy instrumentation for graduate students from the M.Sc. (Environmental & Life Sciences) program (‘MELS’).

In addition, Doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and other HQP working with Faculty members make use of the ESL facilities.