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Ainslee Lockhart speaks about her G&WS work-study with the Manitoba Harm Reduction Network (Summer 2021)


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Alex Pavia on her roll as a Child and Youth Counsellor, YWCA Brandon

Alex Paiva UN

In 2014, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree from Brandon University with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Gender and Women’s Studies. My first year at the university I enrolled in two introductory GWS classes and I was immediately hooked. It felt like for once I was surrounded by individuals who were speaking the same language as me and saw the world the way I did. From then on out I made sure that I always had at least one GWS class every semester out of pure enjoyment and interest.

Since graduating I’ve obtained a position at the YWCA Brandon as the Child and Youth Counsellor. This has led me to incorporate my passion for feminism, gender issues and global activism into not only my counselling relationships but my presence in the community. I  facilitate numerous girl lead programs within the city and school division as well as participate in public speaking opportunities where I educate students on gender injustices, domestic violence and healthy relationships through a feminist lens. Most recently I was the recipient of the YWCA Young Women’s Leadership Fund and was given the opportunity to attend 60th Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations Head Quarters as a YWCA Canada Delegate. The Commission is the principal global intergovernmental body that is exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women. I was fortunate enough to spend 10 days among representatives of UN Member States, civil society organizations and UN entities promoting and shaping global standards on women’s empowerment and gender equality.  This was a life changing experience and I was overwhelmed with the amount of work and difference that is taking place globally.

I believe that that intersectionality of the BU GWS program provided me with a strong foundation in gender relationships and all its constructions, culturally, historically, socially and institutionally. The program allowed me to learn about empowerment, security, peace, safety and equality on all playing fields socially, economically and politically. I believe having a strong grasp on academia and its elements allows individuals with the tools and resources needed when embarking on making social change.

It has been incredible to watch the Gender and Women’s Studies program blossom at Brandon University. The program truly encompasses what post-secondary education is about. Not only does it provided the students with education and knowledge but it fuels and encourages them to put that wisdom to good use and generate change within our communities.


Student testimonials:

“The gender and women’s studies program has impacted my life greatly because it has completely Leechanged how I view the world and myself. This program has opened my mind to a whole new dimension of knowledge that I believe everyone could benefit from. It has broadened my mind and helped me get onto a path academically, and in life, that I cannot wait to continue down!”

– Leeanna Affleck




“Gender and Women’s Studies has helped me realize my full potential to change the world for the better.” – Sara Provencer 








“In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act. GWS allowed me to breakdown my walls of self-doubt and taught me that it is absolutely okay to be completely myself; that the box society keeps us in is just a very small story of what reality can actually be! The rebellious act of liking myself, exactly the way I am, propels me beyond the limitations of how a person “should” be. Thank you GWS for showing me I can be whoever I am and want to be!”

– Kyle Burdy 



Julie“You shouldn’t consider yourself educated until you have taken the intro to women and gender studies course. This course will not only reshape how you see the world, but the way you treat humanity. It should be mandatory for any degree or profession.” – Julia Ginter