Gender and Women’s Studies

Gender and Women’s Studies (GWS) invites students to challenge prevailing notions of gender and sexualities, and to learn about gender relations as they have been constructed culturally, globally, historically, and institutionally. Through theoretical and practical investigation, students develop the critical knowledge and skills to explore the intersections of gender, sex, race, class, sexuality, (dis)ability, colonialism, imperialism, citizenship, and transnational identity while paying attention to power, oppression, and resistance. Students engage in dialogue about such topics as: feminist and queer activisms, transnational poverty and precarity, diverse masculinities, popular culture and media, reproductive justice, racial politics across borders, and war and violence.

 Special Features

• The program is interdisciplinary – we draw on courses and disciplines across the Faculty of Arts and beyond. There are many interesting core and cross-listed courses from which to choose.

• The program is enriched by the Margaret Laurence Endowment Fund that provides funding for scholarships, visiting speakers, library resources, and grants to local feminist and women’s resource organizations.

• Gender and Women’s Studies houses a Canadian Research Chair in Queer Theory focusing on questions of men and masculinities.

• The program includes a practicum course where students gain valuable hands-on experience within local organizations.

• There are many opportunities to get involved in campus culture – G&WS supports the Women’s Collective and the LGBTTQ* Collective.

• There are many opportunities to get involved in the local community – our students often help to organize events such as Take Back the Night, Transgender Day of Remembrance, National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, and International Women’s Day.

Sample of Available Courses

Making Sense of Gender
Girlhood and Adolescence
Transnationalism and Women’s Lived Experiences
Critical Readings in Gender
Indigenous Feminism
Women in Politics
Between Men: Literature and Masculinity
Aboriginal Women’s Writers
History of Sexuality in Canada
Art of Aboriginal Women in North America
Sex and the Sacred
Music and Gender
The Sociology of Sexuality
Sex and the State
Queer/ing Literature
Reproductive Justice
Gender and Disaster
Women’s International Movements

Possible Careers

Front-line Advocacy, Community Development, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Government, Health Services, Journalism, Law, Media & Communications, Politics, Public Administration, Sexuality Education, Social Work, Graduate School.

Contact Information

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