4-Year B.Sc. Major In Geography, ACC Transfer – Environmental Technologies Diploma; Land & Water Management

Students transferring from the Assiniboine Community College (ACC) Environmental Technologies – Land & Water Management Diploma, to the Geography Environmental Studies Concentration are given a “block transfer” of 60 credit hours. No additional Brandon University credit will be recognized for courses taken as part of the ACC Environmental Technologies – Land & Water Management diploma. See notes on the Degree Streams page for additional requirements. Assiniboine Community College students granted 60 credit hours transfer credit to this program may meet the Brandon University residence requirement by completing an additional 60 credit hours of BU coursework. Transfers from other college or university programs should follow the University Regulation in Section 3.1.4. In all cases, all other degree requirements must be met. Course requirements for transfer students are as follows:

Students considering a 4-Year B.Sc. Geography Major (Land & Water Management) must complete a minimum of 60 credit hours consisting of:

38:170 How Earth Works: Applied Physical Geography 3
38:180 People & Places: An Introduction to Human Geography 3
38:192 Environment and Society 3
38:265 Applied Quantitative Methods in Geography 3
38:279 Introduction to Geographic Research Methods 3
38:286 GIS I – Principles of Spatial Data & Cartographic Design 3
38:376 GIS II – Spatial Data Management & Analysis 3
Plus: ONE of the following courses
38:267 Sustainable Prairie Ecosystems 3
38:290 Global Environmental Change 3
38:294 Outdoor Recreation and Tourism 3
38:373 Biogeography and Wildlife Management 3
70:266* Environmental Ethics 3
Plus: ONE of the following courses
38:457 Wetlands 3
38:464 Rural Resource Development 3
38:476 Environmental Impact Assessment and Reporting 3
38:492 Sustainable Natural Resource Management 3
38:494 Limnology: The Science of Inland Waters 3
Plus: B.A. or B.Sc. Route (9 credit hours)
B.A. Route ALL of the following:
38:280 Economic Geography 3
38:282 Cultural Geography 3
38:381 Urban Geography 3
B.Sc. Route ALL of the following:
38:250 Introduction to Weather and Climate 3
38:278 Geomorphology 3
38:375 Hydrology 3
Plus: TRANSFER CREDIT (“block credit”)
Plus: Minor requirement min 18
Plus: Liberal Education requirement (Humanities) 6

* Students who select 70:266 to satisfy the degree requirements in this concentration need only select an additional three (3) credit hours of Humanities courses to satisfy the Liberal Arts requirements. However, in this case an additional 3 credit hours of electives would be required to satisfy overall degree requirements.