Projected Course Offerings

This schedule presents PROJECTED undergraduate course offerings as of the latest edit date, below. Offerings may change. For courses offered through other departments please confirm offering schedule with that department. Updated: May 10, 2019


2018-19 2019-2020
Term 1 Term 2 Term 1 Term 2
169 How the Earth Works: Fundamentals of Physical Geography (no lab) Wiseman Wiseman
170 Intro Physical Geography/Applied Physical Geography (with lab) Wiseman Wiseman
179 World Regional Geography Giancarlo
180 Human Geography/People & Places Lowitt Giancarlo Lowitt Eberts
190 Intro to Weather and Climate Koiter (see 38:250)
192 Enviro. and Resource Issues/Environment & Society Malcolm Malcolm
250 Intro to Weather & Climate Koiter
251 Health Place & Environment Herron
254 Introduction to Hydrology Whittington
265 Applied Quantitative Methods in Geog. Eberts Eberts
267 Sustainable Prairie Ecosystems TBA
273 General Ecology*Biol Greenwood Greenwood
276 Introduction to Biogeography Malcolm (see 38:373)
278 Geomorphology Koiter Koiter
279 Intro. to Geographic Research Methods Herron Lowitt
280 Economic Geography Giancarlo Eberts
281/381 Urban Geography Giancarlo (see 38:381)
282 Cultural Geography Lowitt Lowitt
283 Canada: A Regional Geography Lowitt Lowitt
286 GIS I Wiseman Wiseman
290 Global Environmental Change Ridsdale Koiter
291 Intro. to Soil Conservation/Soils & Soil Conservation Koiter Koiter
292 Geography of Water Resources
294 Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Ramsey Malcolm
350 Food, Communities & Justice: Geographies of Food Lowitt Lowitt
351 Health, Place and Environment Herron (see 38:251)
353 Remote Sensing Wiseman Wiseman
354 Advanced Studies in Geomorphology
355 Geographic Field Methods
358 Field Studies in Geography Eberts (spring 2019)
360 Rural and Small Town Canada Lowitt
373 Biogeography & Wildlife Management Malcolm
375 Hydrology Whittington
376 GIS II Wiseman Wiseman
379/479 Groundwater/Hydrogeology*Geol Whittington
380 Population and Development Giancarlo
381 Urban Geography Eberts
384 Wilderness and Protected Area Mgmt. Malcolm Malcolm
396 Rural Community Studies*RD Robles Robles
398 Applied Topics in Geography I#
399 Directed Studies#
449 Honours Thesis#
456 Quaternary Environments
457 Wetlands Whittington (spring)
463 Rural Tourism*RD Ramsey
464 Rural Resource Development*RD Ramsey
471 Rural-Urban Fringe*RD Ramsey
476 Environmental Impact Assessment*ESci Lewis TBA
477 Advanced Geomatics Wiseman Wiseman
488 Directed Readings#
492 Sustainable Natural Resource Management Malcolm
494 Limnology Koiter
499 Applied Topics in Geography II#
Sabbatical Schedule (a=approved, e=eligible) Eberts (a) Malcolm (a) Whittington (a)

* cross-listed course taught by another department: Biol=Biology, Geol=Geology, RD=Rural Development, ESci=Environmental Science
# course offered on demand for individual students
TBA = “To Be Announced” (usually due to sabbatical)
Courses showing no scheduled offering (other than those indicated by #) denote irregularly offered courses.