Field School

Our BU Field Geology course integrates student learnings from many undergraduate geology courses. Students learn detailed mapping techniques to prepare technical reports, two grid maps (large scale), and one regional map of well-exposed plutonic, volcanic, and sedimentary rocks subjected to low-grade metamorphism in the Precambrian Shield, Flin Flon, Manitoba.  The area also includes a variety of structures from joints to faults, folds, lineation, and schistosity.  This hands-on course takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete (i.e., depending on weather) and is run in May.

Students enjoy outdoor geological activity every day and live in a lodge with the instructors for the period of the course. All previous students thoroughly enjoyed this hands-on course as they learned practical techniques that prepared them for exciting, diverse, and plentiful job opportunities in the mining/environmental/resource/government sectors, including exploration for Critical Minerals that are required for a low carbon future.

Structural Geology (42:263) and Igneous Petrology (42:362) are prerequisites for this course.