Morris K. Mott

Professor Emeritus
  • Ph.D., Queen's


Research Interests:

  • The History of Sport
  • The History of Western Canada


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Editorial Board, Manitoba History

Courses Formerly Taught:

  • 54:155    Canada to 1867
  • 54:156    Canada Since Confederation
  • 54:265    History of Sports in the Western World
  • 54:270    The History of the Canadian West to 1885
  • 54:271    The History of the Canadian West since 1885
  • 54:362    North American Colonies to 1775
  • 54:363    British North America, 1775-1867
  • 54:364    Canada from Confederation to 1939
  • 54:365    Canada from World War II to the Present
  • 54:381    History of the  Canadian-American Relationship
  • 54:455    History of Manitoba since 1812